Bio-identical Hormone Therapy

We are passionate about hormone replacement therapy with compounded bio-identical hormones.

Some women sail through menopause without a symptom. Some women are not so fortunate. Bio-identical hormone therapy is very helpful for relieving the disrupted sleep, mood changes, hot flashes, weight gain and loss of sex drive that some women experience during and after menopause.

The risks of using hormones are low when the hormones are applied to the skin with low-dose custom-compounded blends that are properly monitored with labs and thermal imaging of the breasts.

The initial visit lasts 90 minutes. Dr. Stanger reviews symptoms in detail and discusses medical and family history. She incorporates principles of functional medicine when discussing bio-identical hormone therapy. She addresses diet, lifestyle and nutritional supplementation as part of the treatment approach along with prescription commercial or custom compounded hormone therapy as needed. At the end of the visit it may be necessary to draw labs to check hormone levels.

Your insurance company may not cover the cost of checking hormone levels. The cost for our hormone panel including estradiol, progesterone and testosterone is $185.

Dr. Stanger or her assistant Tina will review the results of the testing with you over the phone. A plan is made based on the results. Follow-up visits are scheduled for 6-8 weeks to discuss the response to treatment and to repeat labs as needed. The follow-up visits are scheduled for 30 minutes.

Once on hormone therapy, we require an annual visit, breast screening (either digital infrared thermal imaging or standard mammogram) and hormone levels (drawn at our office or elsewhere) to continue therapy. We cannot file insurance for coverage of thermal imaging of the breasts.

We also do bio-identical hormone therapy for men.

Symptoms of hormone imbalances for men include fatigue, lack of drive, depression, lack of libido and erectile dysfunction. We check levels of pertinent hormones including free testosterone, total testosterone, DHEA-Sulfate, estradiol and dihydrotestosterone.

Costs of tests:
Total testosterone    $75
Free testosterone    $75
DHEA-Sulfate    $75
Estradiol    $55
Dihydrotestosterone $165

Testosterone cream or gel is used to treat levels that are below optimal. Other treatments including supplements and medications may be needed based on the results of laboratory testing.

Most insurance companies will not pay for hormone testing in generally healthy men. Check with your insurance company regarding coverage for visits and testing at our office.

“I suffered for years with hot flashes, vaginal dryness and brain fog before I found out about Dr. Stanger. I feel so much better on the bio-identical hormones! I feel like myself again.”