Laboratory Testing

We are open-minded and like to work “outside the box” to help patients improve their health and well-being.

We offer testing from many labs including Lab Corp, Genova Diagnostics, Spectracell, Cleveland Heartlab, US BioTek, Pharmasan Labs and others. We offer onsite phlebotomy.

Below are current prices for common lab tests. Prices subject to change without notice.

Standard hormones: estradiol $55, progesterone $56, testosterone $75, FSH $46, Insulin $48, Leptin $72, Human growth hormone (HGH) $101, LH $126

Thyroid labs:TSH $45, Free T4 $45, Free T3 $45 TPO Ab ($77), and reverse T3 ($165).

CBC $30, Vitamin D 25-OH $168

Urinary heavy metal toxic element testing $115

4 point saliva cortisol and DHEA testing $150

If you are interested in scheduling Laboratory Testing, please call the office at 608-233-2378.